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We provide a range of services, depending on the needs of our clients, who vary between tier one investment banks to small hedge funds. Our aim is to be able to work as and when we are needed, rather than on a set term basis as we believe that our flexibility is one thing that will set us apart, along with our expertise.

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With experience as vendors, consumers and consultants, FM has a deep, broad and current understanding of the full cycle of data and technology requirements and consumption. We provide qualitative and quantitative in-depth market research services for both providers and users of OTC and exchange content. 

For vendor clients, we assist with bringing new technology and content products to market. We work with technology and data consumers to source alternatives to incumbent products, optimise contract renewal processes and negotiate with vendors. Our consultancy clients can use us to provide research and analysis remotely when lacking either the time, manpower or privacy to research solutions on site.     


WIth a depth of market data knowledge, from real time to reference data to business intelligence and the infrastructure behind it, we can help in a number of ways. Services include renegotiation of market data contracts, cost analysis and reduction, sourcing of new or different suppliers, reduction of data sources at the desk level and managed, strategic reviews of Over-The-Counter (OTC) contributed data publishing.

Additionally we design and draft of data distribution and subscriber agreements, conduct strategic reviews of pricing and data usage policies and analyse data contracts for vendors, banks and inter-dealer brokers.

We currently use, but are not restricted to, the product for our vendor sourcing and selection.


We provide a strategic review of what, how and where you publish OTC and Derivatives market data.

We can also help identify which quality market data you can commercialise both publicly and privately and allow you to take control of how market data is managed, distributed and published.
In addition, we provide a managed service for the periodic refresh and exception reporting of Inhibit & Restricted Lists for each data vendor, which includes a comprehensive, underlying Legal Entity database service that maintains the new processes and ensures updates with regulatory changes.

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Our experience as buyers, vendors and consumers of data and technology brings us to the fortunate position of being able to understand both sides of the market. We write collateral to translate the technology and data offerings of vendors to address the requirements of buyers, because we understand how buyers research, source and compare products.

We can write product documentation, websites, or cover the whole product marketing campaign across web, print and social media. For vendors needing help with creating pitches and presentations, we can transform your notes into engaging copy for prospective clients. Technical translations from Spanish to English are also provided if required.

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